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Amazing Health Benefits of BLACKCURRANTS

[ad_1] Bright and colourful, berries are one of nature’s sweetest gifts. The pretty colours and the delightful flavours have lent to the creation of many culinary masterpieces. Who could forget baked cheesecake topped with blueberries, or summer tart filled with an assortment of berries? But these little treats are not just about good looks. They come loaded with anti-oxidants that …

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Armed forces charged Rs 500 crore for rescue operations in Kashmir

[ad_1] The armed forces have charged the state of Jammu and Kashmir Rs 500 crore for their relief and rescue operations during the devastating deluge of September last year, a media report said Monday. To pay the Defence Ministry, NDTV said, the Centre diverted money from Rs. 1,602 crore given to Jammu and Kashmir as part of the State Disaster …

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