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10 reasons why morning walks are important for our health


“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole of day” said Henry David. And how right he was.  So how does it benefit us; here is how.

MENTAL Sharpness: It is said that morning walk gives you a natural energy boost which ensures greater mental sharpness for the rest of day.

Better Sleep: A walk early in the morning ascertains that you sleep better at night. In this, walking tries body out and therefore, sleep comes easily.

Reduces Risk of Cancer: Morning walks if taken regularly can lower cancer risks. A study by NCS Institute found that walking for one hour daily reduces chances of breast cancer in women.

Weight Loss: If you are obese or overweight, a morning walk can be beneficial for you as it eventually burns calories.

Diabetes: Walking burns glucose. Burning of glucose results in more utilization of insulin.

Muscular Strength: Daily morning walks improves muscular strength in the body by keeping the muscles in regular use.

Brain Power: A quick placed walk right in the morning guarantees that you stay alert throughout day.

Overall Health: Maintains good cholesterol level in blood. Boosts immune system. Body remains active due to morning walks

Less Stress: Walking helps a person to deal with stress and combat anxiety. It also fight various psychological illness like depression.

Blood Pressure:  Morning walks also cure diseases like blood pressure as it helps in blood circulation and heart stays fit.

Sent by:  Basar Qari

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